Shari Pash Discusses the Value Of Testimonials On Chamber Chat Podcast

Does asking for a member testimonial make you uncomfortable? Let’s fix that!

People love to know that their opinions matter. and positive reviews could help you gain or retain more members/investors. So finding the right way to receive and share feedback is a strong growth strategy.

Brandon Burton, host of the Chamber Chat Podcast, recently invited me on the show to share testimonial strategies.

  • How do you approach members and sponsors to ask for testimonials?
  • What is the best way to share positive feedback when you receive it?
  • And, most importantly, how do you use these testimonials as a strategy for growth?

Listen to the conversation HERE on the Chamber Chat Podcast. And if you’re interested in talking further about how to implement these strategies for your organization or Chamber, let’s connect!

Take a look at some of Shari’s own client testimonials HERE for more inspiration on how to implement your testimonial strategy!