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Shari Pash is a consultant, trainer, and national speaker who works as your partner to create a system for growth. She specializes in membership growth for chambers of commerce, non-profit associations, HBA’s, and state and regional associations. Shari provides hands-on training in person or through virtual coaching sessions.

Working as your trusted advisor, Shari takes your expertise and blends it with her techniques to generate increased outcomes.

Upcoming Live Trainings: LinkedIn & Sponsorship Sales

Membership Associations

We will create a formula that will significantly improve your chamber or association’s membership recruitment and retention.

Are you a chamber or association looking for ways to grow your membership? Maybe you are trying to

find strategic new members or retain a higher percent? This can be a challenge. However, through many years in membership work and hands-on experience with Non-Profits, Shari has developed strategies and implemented tools that will help your chamber or association meet goals and increase membership revenue.

Shari’s formula for a successful membership foundation focuses on implementing hands-on and personal training.   Recommendations include creating or enhancing a strategic recruitment and retention plan and tactical monthly action plan.  In addition, together we implement relevant tools that have proven success in signing and retaining more members and also providing measurements and accountabilities.  These strategic tools and plans help develop increased revenue and improved membership numbers.

On-Site Membership Growth Work

  1. Refresh and maximize staff efforts with new member recruitment and retention with engaging hands-on training
  2. Enhance and strengthen internal systems, structure, measurements, and accountabilities
  3. Membership Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention plan development
  4. Create and customize your team’s Member Recruitment, Engagement and Retention internal working tools

 Membership Team Coaching

To meet new goals and achieve needed growth, training and coaching will provide the needed tools for your team to succeed.

One of the biggest keys to your success is working with someone who has already achieved the results you are working towards. Being mentored or coached by someone who’s “been there, done that” can mean all the difference in the world and eliminate years off your learning curve and implementation, in a matter of days or weeks.

While working with your team we will analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses and develop specific training to grow individuals as well as the full team.

A sample of training topics include:

  • Association membership recruitment/retention
  • Identifying new member segments
  • Generating new members
  • Time management
  • Organization skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Recruitment and Engagement Sales strategies
  • LinkedIn as a strategy to grow membership and member engagement

What Shari’s Clients Say

“The relevancy of chambers continues to evolve and change which means the story we need to tell to be successful in growing our membership revenue needs to as well.  Shari’s on-site work was helpful in bringing our entire organization together to really think about how we talk about the work we do every day with the companies we want to invest in it.  She also helped bring in a fresh perspective and renewed buy-in to the focus, hard work and metrics that need to be a part of a successful sales team.”  Jenny Munyer, Vice President, Member Development & Engagement, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

“Shari’s focus on recruitment and retention was invaluable for our Membership team. We spent two full days with a packed agenda and are eager now to get busy implementing the ideas we discussed. Shari kept us on track and adapted the agenda when needed to make sure our questions were answered. Definitely time well spent!!”  Carolyn Golson, IOM, Vice President, Membership, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Alabama

“Shari has a wealth of experience in membership sales strategies that she shares in a very useful and meaningful manner.  The tools she gave us are ready to implement immediately. She also provided very good information on prospect identification and “classification”.   Einar Forsman, President/CEO, Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Illinois

“I LOVE Shari.  What she does is help you implement very, very solid foundational processes.  It only works if you follow her formula, each and every step.  It’s not easy  – you have to be committed.  Our sales doubled and tripled when she started coaching us.” Jane Clark, President, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

“This training and work is going to shift our current sales model and grow our membership base/revenue.  Shari’s on-site training is so engaging and personalized for your specific Chamber or business. She is engaging, knowledgeable and very hands on with the training.  I would recommend Shari for any chamber looking to drive sales, grow membership, and increase revenue.” Cindy Gettig, Director of Membership, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, South Carolina

“Shari, thank you so much for coming to Byron Center and facilitating our board retreat.  I appreciated the time you took prior to our meeting to understand our Chamber and provide the materials relevant to our needs.  You were well organized and obviously know Chambers, which helped you to relate to our Board.  Finally, your process helped to strengthen our Boards engagement and begin the development of our new strategic plan.” Jennifer Lukezich, Executive Director, Byron Center Chamber of Commerce

“Shari, I’ve participated in many board planning sessions, but I’ve never been in one that so effectively covered so many important points in such a relatively short time. Great job” Phil Tietz, Operations, Byron Center Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors

Help your board exceed to the next level with innovative and relevant goals.  Is this the year you partner with a facilitator?

You may ask, should I bring in a facilitator?  

  • What is the purpose and desired outcome of the session/retreat?  
  • Will there be issues, challenges, and/or tough discussions?
  • Based on the first two questions, consider if an outside facilitator is warranted
  • Strive for a facilitator not a presenter
  • You want your board thinking, creating, developing, talking
  • Extra benefit – CEO/Executive Director can stay engaged with board discussions

Here are a few ideas that Shari facilitates that boards find success with for goals setting and strategy development:

    • Chamber or organization brand – What are we known for in our community or industry?
    • Membership development – Who we are as an organization and the make-up of member segments – growth of businesses and companies that support our mission and goals and enhance membership diversity
    • Public Policy and Advocacy – How do we view our role in pulling our corporate, civic, and/or industry leaders together?  How does our community or industry view our role in public policy?
    • Partnerships – what does this currently mean, where do our value partnerships exist
    • Diversification of members and community – growing for future sustainability
    • Resource Development – focus on financial and/or team resources

What Shari’s Clients Say

“I have had the privilege of attending many training sessions where Shari has shared her skills of time management, member recruitment, marketing and everything in between.  She is well versed in the chamber and association fields and they are near and dear to her heart. For these reasons, when it was time for our Chamber to engage in a Strategic planning process Shari’s name was top on our list!  Shari was fabulous to work with before, during & after the retreat.  During our retreat we were particularly impressed with the participation she was able to inspire from the group – the board said, “we couldn’t have done this without her.”  Alicia BermesExecutive Director, Niles Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Illinois

“Shari did such an outstanding job with our Board of Directors Retreat. She has an incredible way of engaging the board in the goal setting process. She left a mantra of enthusiasm with our Chamber that we can build from and use for a long time.”  Diane Probst, IOM, CCE, President/CEO, Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Texas

“Shari Pash recently presented a session on the topic of membership to our board and was able to present us with what her company name promises – Strategic Solutions for Growth.  Facilitating a conversation about how we can, and should, routinely assess our membership recruitment and retention tactics was crucial for us laying the groundwork for these efforts as part of our strategic plan.”. Olivia V. McLaughlin, Executive Director , Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioner

“I met Shari Pash through IOM when I had been the President of my Chamber for just a few weeks. I was just slightly overwhelmed! Ha! I am so, so thankful that she was one of our presenters that week. Her presentation on membership engagement and retention was something that I knew that my staff had to hear. She has now visited the Shoals twice – once to visit with our staff and then to orchestrate our Board planning session. Shari has met and exceeded my expectations with each meeting!” Caitlin Holland, President, Shoals Chamber of Commerce, Alabama

Non-Profit Volunteerism

We will create a formula that will significantly improve your focus and outcomes for recruiting and retaining volunteersVolunteer Growth

Are you a non-profit looking for ways to grow volunteers? Maybe you are trying to find relevant new volunteers or retain a higher percent? This can be a challenge. However, through years of working with volunteers and hands-on experience with Non-Profits, Shari has developed strategies and implemented tools that will help your non-profit meet goals and increase volunteer outcomes.

Shari’s formula for a successful volunteer growth foundation, focuses on implementing hands-on and customized training. Recommendations include creating or enhancing a strategic recruitment and retention plan. In addition, together we implement relevant tools that have proven success in gaining commitments and retaining more volunteers. These strategic tools and plans help develop increased outreach and improved volunteerism numbers.

What Shari’s Clients Say

“I first met Shari when I saw her speak at a volunteer conference in Springfield, IL in June 2018.  Shari was the morning keynote speaker, and boy did she get this non-morning-person revved up and excited for the day!  It was not just the content of her presentation that got me excited – it was also her enthusiasm about the subject.  She deftly maneuvered the discussion to make sure everyone got involved – which can be difficult to do anyway, let alone first thing in the morning!

“My colleagues and I “attacked” her afterwards to introduce ourselves, and she could not have been nicer!  She was genuinely interested in getting to know us and the organizations we represented.  We ended up bringing her to Peoria, IL in November 2018 to be the keynote speaker at our own Central Illinois Volunteer Conference, and we are still getting excellent feedback from the attendees about how much they got out of the conference.  We are looking to retain her services again for next year’s conference, as she has a plethora of other subjects she can present related to volunteer coordination and management.

“Meeting Shari has been one of the highlights of my year.  I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in adding her to or creating a conference around her!”

-Carmen McCarthyDevelopment Coordinator, EP!C, Illinois

Interactive Conference Seminars & Virtual Training

Whether you’re looking to increase and retain members or volunteers, Shari offers a variety of conference sessions to help you leverage resources and outcomes.

Membership Growth General Sessions, Breakouts and Virtual Training:

  • Intentional Membership Growth
  • Build Your Membership Pipeline
  • Strategic Recruitment Sales
  • Recruitment and Retention for a Strong Membership Foundation
  • Engaging the Disengaged Member
  • All Hands (all staff) on Deck – Member Impact
  • Strengthen your Ambassador Team & Maximize Its Impact
  • Communicating Your Value Beyond Events
  • LinkedIn – Member Recruitment and Engagement Tool
  • R’s of Membership Growth
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Persuasive Motivation Skills to Impact Member Buying Decisions
  • Toss Your To Do List

Volunteer Growth General Sessions, Breakouts, and Virtual Training:

  • Recruitment, engagement, and retention for a strong volunteer development foundation
  • Recruitment – Outgoing recruitment is vital to targeting and signing new volunteers, and engaging current volunteers for depth and sustainability
  • Relevant Value Proposition
  • Persuasion and Motivation for Volunteer Development
  • The Virtual Volunteer
  • LinkedIn
  • Letting Go of High Maintenance Volunteers
  • Team Building as a Volunteer Development Strategy

What Shari’s Clients Say

Conference Testimonials

“Our members receive such value from Shari we have to keep bringing her back! Shari has led seminars, webinars as well as presenting multiple times at our annual conferences. Her style is engaging and each person feels as if she takes the time to listen to his/her concerns. The material Shari presents is relevant and our folks are able to take the ideas they’ve learned (and developed in her hands-on seminars) back to their chamber for immediate implementation.”  Lisa Weitzel, IOM, CAE, President, Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (IACCE)

“Shari is an active presenter for Florida Association of Chamber Professionals, as well as for ACCE, and IOM.  I have attended several her sessions on strategic membership recruitment and engagement.  Each time I walk away with relevant information and tools we can implement immediately.  Shari’s knowledge and work with Chambers makes her presentations engaging and hands on.”  Tom Morrissette, President, Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce, Florida

“Shari Pash is outstanding at what she does. I met her at an ACCE conference in Montreal where she presented on membership pipelines and knew right away that she had the skills, knowledge, templates and experience to help our Chamber of Commerce. Not only did we hire her, we worked to ensure she presented to the Canadian Chambers Executives of Canada and the Saskatchewan Chambers Executives. Shari is the best at what she does, period! “ John Hopkins, Executive Director, Regina District and Chamber of Commerce, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Excellent stuff, Shari!  Thank you for sharing these relevant tools and templates and for the lively and engaging sessions at our EO Professional Development!  We all could have spent another couple of days with you and been happy!”  Andy Cockburn, Director of Professional Development, Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Webinar Testimonials

“Thank you, Shari – I participated in your R’s of Membership session today.  Wonderful webinar as always. I had my team participate, as I have on your other two webinars, and they have lots of great takeaways.” Desiree Bennyhoff, President & CEO, Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce

“I was able to attend Shari’s Engaging the Disengaged Webinar with the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada.  This was a great presentation.  I enjoyed Shari’s presentations to the British Columbia Chamber Executives last September and knew I didn’t want to miss this one.  Thanks, Shari for informative and relevant sessions”. Kim Burden, Executive Director, Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce, British Columbia, Canada


Maximize your Organizations LinkedIn Group and individual LinkedIn profiles for recruitment and retention of members

I work with clients to strategically leverage LinkedIn to be a relevant recruitment, engagement, and retention tool. This a free tool that can provide a high level of engagement with your members and streamline the recruitment process. Membership teams find that LinkedIn engagement is some of their most relevant and meaning engagement to a business or member.

Use this tool as a strategy to stay front of mind with your members and business relationships, while increasing warm referrals and prospecting success. Learn hands-on tools and ways to brand you and your organization.

LinkedIn work is hands-on live in LinkedIn. This work can be done as a webinar, conference session, or hands-on at your location.

What Shari’s Clients Say

“Shari – Loving your LinkedIn session today at the MSAE Membership Engagement Conference — you made the conference worthwhile…thank you!”  Carey Goryl, Executive Director, Association of Staff Physician Recruiters

I attended one of Shari’s educational seminars all about LinkedIn at my local Chamber of Commerce and I was very impressed.  Her presentation was reliable, informative and eye opening. I am very pleased with the seminar and would attend others like it. I would highly recommend it!”  Cortney Peters, Public Relations Director at Senior Benefits Group and Senior Health Direct

“Shari’s presentation on using LinkedIn to grow your business is outstanding! Even though it was the second time I’d attended her mini-seminar, I still came away with great insights and ways to improve my usage. Her casual but thorough style makes it helpful to new users as well as those (such as myself) who’ve been “using” the platform for years.”  Sherry Campbell, Marketing Coordinator, Two Men and a Truck

Let’s Talk About How to Grow Your Organization

UPCOMING Virtual Trainings

Sponsorship Sales for Chambers and Association

If Sales is not your thing, and yet you are expected to sell sponsorships, this session is for you. We’ll talk about clarifying your opportunities, define value points, connect to strategic member segments, creating a relevant target list, and tips in making new sponsor calls. Includes an overview on success sales steps to securing more investors.

Thursday, February 4, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

LinkedIn Training: Maximize Virtual Member Engagement and Strategic Recruitment

The #1 goal for most Chambers and Associations in 2021 is to increase relevant member engagement and grow retention. We will work hands on in LinkedIn, attendees will learn how to leverage LinkedIn to be a key strategy in member engagement and a recruitment tool. Join Shari Pash, for a live virtual training with tips and strategies for immediate implementation.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST

Stay tuned for upcoming virtual trainings with Shari Pash!

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