Things are virtual, now is the time to focus on this part of your brand – what does that look like? What are you doing virtually that is benefiting the chamber and your members? How can you support your members and stay connected during rebuilding and recovery, and much of what we are doing is still virtual?

Here are three keys to building a virtual brand strategy for your chamber as we navigate COVID-19.

Create the best virtual experience for members

  • Membership growth is difficult while still working remote, and members focused on recovery
  • Recruitment activities need to continue, you need to get and maintain their attention
  • Stay in front of your members and businesses, build and maintain relationships
  • This means finding digital ways to virtually come together and connect
  • Continue virtual training, recovery, and networking events
  • Have open forums where people can share information.
  • Talk at length to LinkedIn in terms of using it as a tool
  • Pay attention to the conversions happening on social media

Connect, engage, and stay relevant using social media

  • Members want to stay connected while working remote and we want to remain relevant
  • Social media is key to exposure to staying connected and engaging members. As we all know, social media allows you to connect with members, and to connect members with It’s a good way to communicate info/news, share what members are doing, and raise awareness.
  • Take full advantage of resources by posting good content across all of your social media platforms, with the right messaging for each audience. Think about what benefits you and your virtual brand – post videos and more information to help companies understand who you are.
  • These are the conversations you want to be a part of; This is how you stay relevant when you talk with them while building or maintaining relationships.

Focus on building and maintaining digital relationships

  • Remember the purpose your Chamber serves – member and community recovery are priority
  • We want new members, but it’s critical that we maintain engagement and relationship with current members
  • Show that we can still engage virtually
  • This is not business as usual – many have already changed strategy methods, adjusting messaging and tone, now it’s time to adjust again as we move into recovery.
  • Empathize and avoid transactional engagement – connect with them and show you’re thinking of them on an emotional or relational level.
  • Understand what’s important to them; Focus on what they need and want from you – how you can help and what solutions you can offer.
  • Stay in touch, and be sensitive to messaging, time, priorities, focus on their business and community overall.
Shari Pash is the founder of Strategic Solutions for Growth, a training company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Shari works with Chambers of Commerce, non-profit organizations, and associations in 27 states and throughout Canada. Connect with Shari to learn more about how she can help your organization.