As states begin to reopen, business owners everywhere are facing a new normal. Many are wondering how they can adjust their businesses to better manage the fallout from the economic shutdown, while also best-supporting clients and customers.

The question business owners must consider now is: When the country opens back up, what will your company be and what will your clients and customers need from you?

In the virtual training session COVID-19: Road to Recovery, Shari Pash, Founder of Strategic Solutions for Growth and Julie Holton, Founder and Principal Strategist of mConnexions team up to help answer that question.

Shari’s goal is to help businesses realize this shutdown, while scary, is actually a gift of time.?

“We should all be asking ourselves, What can we do now and how do we get ready for recovery” she said. “It’s important you are using this downtime to create a ‘Plan to Return’ that answers what your company will be and what your clients need from you to be successful. It’s important to think about what our next normal is and then set goals now so we’re all prepared.”

During this free webinar, Shari and Julie discuss sales and marketing strategies to help get through this unprecedented time. The duo discusses what steps to take, how to protect staff and clients, and what tools and resources are available to businesses to ensure success as the economy begins to recover from the recent global shutdown.

“The good news is that we have an opportunity right now to hit the reset button on our marketing,” Holton said. “The bad news is that it’s time to hit the reset button on our marketing. There’s so much to tackle and I know it can feel overwhelming. Our Road to Recovery session will help you peel back the layers, one at a time, so you leave the training with actionable items to start on right away to begin building back revenue and have a solid marketing plan in place for new growth.”

Click here to view this powerful session and to begin your journey into the new normal.COVID 19 - Roadmap for Recovery

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Shari Pash is the founder of Strategic Solutions for Growth, a training company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Shari works with Chambers of Commerce, non-profit organizations, and associations in 27 states and throughout Canada. Connect with Shari to learn more about how she can help your organization.