Implementing LinkedIn into your member engagement strategy can bring immediate value and relevance to your members. ? There are multiple strategies for engaging and recruiting members with LinkedIn. With minimal time, each day you can be front of mind with your members and keep informed of their company news.

Here are a few tips for using the free version of LinkedIn as a member engagement tool.? Let’s look at where you might find the best ROI for your time on LinkedIn.?

Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Update your Profile with relevant and informative data
    1. If I come across your profile does it motivate me to contact you
    2. Do you have your basic business contact information listed?
    3. Maximize your summary to talk to members
  2. Strategically connect with as many members as you can
    1. This allows you another means of communication with this member
  3. Watch your wall for member posts from their individual LinkedIn profile
    1. Like, Comment, and Share where appropriate
    2. You carry a lot of credibility; this engagement has impact with your members
    3. Let your Members see you hanging out where they hang out

Member’s LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. Follow your Member’s company page
    1. They will feed you insights that are important to them
    2. Use this information for engagement
    3. Liked, Comment, and Share where appropriate?
    4. They will appreciate your support of their company news

Chamber or Association’s LinkedIn Group?

  1. Consider creating a group for your organization
  2. This is a forum where the members of this group can post information important to their industry or company.? Provides a spot for digital networking.
  3. If you keep this group ?open? it can then be used as a warm prospect list for membership
  4. Some monitoring of this group is needed, but should be minimal time?
Shari Pash is the founder of Strategic Solutions for Growth, a training company headquartered in Lansing, MI. Shari works with Chambers of Commerce, non-profit organizations, and associations in 27 states and throughout Canada. Connect with Shari to learn more about how she can help your organization.