Customizing your “sales pitch” is an important part of successfully recruiting new members. In order to do so, listen to prospects? business needs then help them understand how your association can help them realize their goals. When you listen:

  1. It helps you understand your potential member’s needs.
  2. You’re able to share benefits of your association that directly impact their need areas.
  3. It increases your conversion rate of prospects to members.
  4. It helps you design the best benefit solutions for that prospect.
  5. Your recruitment efforts will result a better outcome with a shorter turn time.
  6. It saves time, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Listening to prospects will be most effective when you ask customized questions. Doing so helps you determine whether a prospective member has the potential to become a great member for your association and to determine whether you offer benefits that meet their needs.

Tips for customizing questions:

– Make a list of questions for each type of member you are recruiting.

– Ask questions that will uncover what is important to your member based on your association’s benefits.

– Make sure your list of qualifying questions has enough depth to determine all the needs of your member.

The biggest benefit: Learning about all the needs of the prospect will make selling a membership easier and increase your ability to retain that member in the future!