As you get in your car, you have a consistent process you go through, a habit. Each of us may be a little different, but there is a process. Get in the car, put the key in the ignition, start the car, fasten our seat belt, look behind us, shift
car into reverse, shift into drive, and move forward.

Success in sales and membership development requires a consistent process, a habit. A process always allows for customization and personalization, as we know each prospect has unique needs. But, a process is what ensures you complete each step for success.

Looking at the car example, skipping one of the steps can be either dangerous, or prevent the car from moving forward. It’s the same for your recruitment and sales process, consistent steps to keep you moving forward and not stall out with a prospect.

Is your process in place and ready to drive success with your 2016 sales and membership growth goals? Drive into 2016 with a solid recruitment sales process.

“Fall In Love With The Process And The Results Will Soon Follow”

If you would like training, coaching, or guidance in creating your new habits for success, I would be glad to travel on the journey with you.

Shari Pash is owner of Strategic Solutions for Growth, a Michigan-based consulting business located in Lansing, Mich. She provides sales and membership recruitment and retention consulting, training, and coaching. – (517) 285-7127