Shari Pash, founder of Strategic Solutions for Growth, was recently featured in the Facebook Live series, ExpertConnexions, which provides important information about how to best handle the COVID-19 pandemic. In the interview, Shari shared key insights into how to be successful in sales even during this era of self-distancing and shelter-in-place orders.

Salespeople are likely worried about how they will maintain their normal sales work successfully. The biggest question they are facing is: How can we sustain relationships and even create new relationships during this time?

“You still need to be helping your clients and customers because a lot of what we do in sales is helping,” Shari said. “To stay in front of it, we have to get virtual! We have to be able to do this from our homes or our offices.”

Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke, Shari has seen her role as a coach and membership strategist shift from speaking engagements and face-to-face trainings to virtual interactions and virtual trainings. In the coming weeks, business people will see an influx of virtual meetings so now is the time to educate yourself on what tools and technology are available to help you continue to work, she said.

Shari’s favorite way to engage virtually with the business world is through LinkedIn, which is the most-used business networking platform in the world. The key is to use it as an engagement and sales tool. She recommends taking time now to update and improve your online presence.

When Shari helps her clients with their profiles, she asks two key questions:

  1. Can I go to your LinkedIn profile and “shake hands” with you and get to know you and/or your organization?
  2. Does your profile show you are ready to connect with your clients and customers?

It is also very important to always be authentic as you connect with people, she said. Remember to think about what that member, customer, client or potential connection is going through and be empathetic.

To learn more about these great tips, and to learn more about networking during this difficult time, watch the full interview featuring Shari.