1. Recruitment strategies
What lead sources resulted in new members? Where are your new members coming from? If you don’t currently track this information, implement a tracking system immediately. Once you know what’s working, target future members with similar strategies and programming. Focus more of your efforts into the lead sources with the highest impact.

2. Industry Analysis
In simplest terms, who joined and who failed to join? Focus your efforts on industries that are a good fit for your members and association. Who do your members want to connect with at your events? Fill the room with those people.

3. Market Penetration
Know your market penetration prior to deciding where to focus your resources and strategic efforts. If your market penetration is high, you can make retention your priority. But if it’s low, become strategic about pursuing new members.

4. Retention
Your retention rate is a key metric in determining your membership strategies. If low, focus on retention strategies. Are the benefits you offer members providing a relevant ROI? Is your association transactional or relational with its members? It’s key to retain current members before aggressively recruiting new ones.